Statement on the Church’s Land

The following statement is a reflection regarding the land the church building sits on:

“The Eel River Community Church of the Brethren acknowledges that the land on which we live and worship has been the home of numerous groups of indigenous peoples. Most recently, people of the Potawatomi, Miami, and Shawnee lived in this area, but were forcibly removed by U.S. governmental policies of Indian removal and genocide. We recognize those polices enabled our ancestors to establish themselves on these lands.

As followers of Jesus, we vow to do our part to heal the impact of these injustices and build healthy relationships with the descendants of those affected. We seek to be good stewards of this land and to honor the sacredness it held for those who nurtured it and were nurtured by it before our time. We understand that this land was created by God for all peoples and is a sacred gift that must be cared for sustainably by all.”